Unfailing Love

IloveYouAlwaysNoMatterWhat_CustomLogoDesign_R9_Opt3Psalm 6: 3-4

“My soul is in deep anguish…save me because of Your unfailing love.”

David cries out to God when he was on the run with Saul hunting him down to kill him. He left all the comforts of home, his city and his family.  It’s understandable why he was in “deep anguish”.

Our soul is the core of our being and it is fragile.  A myriad of things can chip away at our whole soul that cause anguish: someone else’s hurtful and harmful actions, abuse, loss of a loved one, being deserted by someone we love, illness,  aloneness (I know it’s not a word, but should be.  It’s deeper than loneliness. Aloneness cuts to the core of our beings because we can feel alone even when we are with others.), and the list could go on and on.  What causes you deep soul anguish?

On the flip side, we can cause our own soul anguish by choices we’ve made.  When we walk outside of God’s plan for us and go our own way, we make decisions that can cause soul pain or life-long soul anguish.  A wise friend shared a way to pray for my children- claim God’s promises of protection upon them and pray they wouldn’t make any decisions in their youth that would cause life-long consequences.  What can cause deep anguish: drug or alcohol addiction, driving under the influence, pornography, having sex outside of marriage, or (you fill in the blank).

The greater part of David’s cry, is what we too can cry out: “save me because of Your unfailing love“. No matter what we’ve done or has been done to us, God can save us from our soul anguish, not because of anything we can do, but because of HIS unfailing love. He saves me not because of me, but because of His love for a damaged soul.  There are so many promises in God’s great love story for us, if we open up the Bible and read.  He will restore our souls, if we ask no matter how many times we ask.  Go before His Throne and with arms stretched out hold your soul, He will take it in His gentle hands, hold and heal it.

XO, Michelle

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