Join Me For Lunch

20130220_131342 (1)While listening to my playlist titled “Uplifting”, I was cutting up my fruit and veggies for lunch and a song came on that I didn’t recognize.  I heard the line “Whether I’m riding high or feeling low these are the two best prayers I know, Help Me and Thank You”.  Instantly I was in love with this song and the artist.  When I checked my phone, it was Jason Gray and the title of this album was even more amazing because it sums up the last year for me; “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue”.  Quickly, I switched to my collection and played the album.  Many of the lines in his songs resonate with where I am and have been in the past year emotionally.

Let me give a little background on my physical health, it’s been up and down since I was a child.  There is not a point into going into all of it, because my focus is where I am now.  There were many health issues that couldn’t be explained or fixed with surgery, medication or physical therapy.  In 2003, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and although it was impactful in my life, the flare ups came and went so I always had periods of relief.

On January 22, 2012, everything changed without an identifiable incident to explain the change.  My life as I knew it came to a halt.  My pain, fatigue and sensory stress response that I’d lived with intensified to such a degree that I wasn’t able to work, exercise, go out with friends or take care of what needed to get done around my house. Extra symptoms were added to my life as well and after resting for about two months and having every test possible, it was my Fibromyalgia and the symptoms were not letting up.

Well, it’s been a tough year of processing my ‘new reality’, but I’m now realizing that “Everything sad is coming untrue in the hands of the One who makes all things new”.  Doesn’t that sound beautiful?  Finding the words to describe this past year made it a ‘eating lunch on Grandma Misner’s china’ kind of day!

Would you join me for lunch and share what in your life could come untrue if you put it in the hands in the One who makes you new?


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