No Matter What

Aaron, 15 Nathan, 19
Aaron, 15 Nathan, 19

I’ve carefully and prayerfully chosen the name for my blog, because I want to live out what I say.  “I love you, always no matter what” is not an easy thing to say in tough circumstances or something I can say to everyone, but I have been challenged this past year to think about what this love means for my life. Choosing ‘no matter what’ love takes the circumstances out of my situation and leaves me the option to love or not.

God gives a perfect example of love.   Jesus lived a perfect life on this earth, died as a sacrifice for all of our sin, defeated death so we can spend eternity with Him, ‘no matter what’ I’ve done or will do.  His love is perfect and mine is not.

  • Will I choose ‘no matter what’ love for my Creator, LORD and Savior or will I spend my days dwelling on what I cannot do?
  • I cannot love anyone perfectly, but I can make the choice to say to my boys, 17 and 21, “I love you always, no matter what”… even if you choose to go a path that doesn’t have the same values as mine.
  • How do I navigate the journey of trying to have a” no matter what” kind of love for myself when I don’t feel like a whole person?  I’ve started by believing that God’s plan for me is better than my own.

I am daily choosing to live my life with a ‘no matter what’ kind of love even though it is hard, painful, sad, heart breaking and exhausting because, I believe the result is a joy filled life.

XO, Michelle

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