Photo Credit: Nathan Poland

As the sun rises on 2019, anticipation and excitement well within me to begin my 5th year of reading straight through the Bible.  This New Year’s tradition began for me as 2014 was coming to a close and I’d just finished watching all seasons of The Office with my boys, quite possibly for the second time.  I thought why not pick up the Bible and read it cover to cover as quickly as I could starting on January 1? I’ve done it with TV shows and other books, so why not the Bible? This is not a new year’s resolution, an obligation, a box to check off, a way to earn points with God or a reflection of my spirituality, but has grown into an exciting way for me to look forward to the start of each new year and see what God will teach me as I read through all of His written word.

I’m starting now at Genesis 1:1, with a curious mind as to what God will teach me through His word.  Who wants to join me in reading straight through the Bible, at the feet of our Teacher, just for the enjoyment of being with Him on a journey through His word?

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